Payments: Click To Pay

You no longer have to enter card numbers over and over again, search for passwords or fill out lengthy forms to make a purchase.

The Problem

Electronic commerce (eCommerce) has been one of the fastest growing digital payment channels in recent times, and it has exploded even more during the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, abandonment rates continue to be high (up to 80%) as consumers find themselves at checkout with:

  • excessive friction, filling in the same payment details over and over again.
  • different experiences / processes, depending on the implementation of the particular payment gateway.

In cases where conversions are successful, approval rates are low (up to 10 points lower than card present), and fraud levels are higher.

Solution: Click To Pay

Click to Pay delivers a new experience of the online purchase process, easy, intelligent and secure,

It is based on services offered by VISA (and compatible with other brands), uses the latest specifications of the electronic commerce industry: EMV Secure Remote Commerce.

You no longer have to enter card numbers, look for passwords or fill out extensive forms to make a purchase, after the first registration, the card data is associated with the device and will not be requested for future purchases

Steps to complete a purchase.

  • The customer goes to the payment page (checkout) of the business
  • If the service can identify the device/client, it returns the already registered cards (without the need for the client to enter a password again).
  • The client will be able to choose with which card he wishes to make payment
  • If you are a new customer/card, the service will allow you to enter the data and you can configure to remember the used device
  • The customer makes the payment (checkout).

If the service does not recognize the relationship between the device and the client, a second authentication factor is requested, for which an OTP (One Time Password) is sent to the client, who must enter the data requested

Features and Benefits


Recognized customer reference flow (with remember option)


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