Analytical Module

It allows you to segment customers, identify the best ones and offer them personalized benefits according to their interests and purchasing behavior, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of promotions

Our Promo cloud services allow retailers to:

  • Offer benefits with modules such as promotions, coupons, points, GiftCard.
  • Define promotions for your customers through business rules that can use all available variables (transaction, payment, credit, customer, products, etc.).

Our Modules based on Analytics, Machine Learning allow:

  • Segment customers according to their purchasing behavior and identify more loyal customers.
  • Reduce general promotions and propose personalized promotions to customers, according to their interests and purchasing behavior.

Customer Segmentation by RFM

RFM (for its acronym in English Recency, Frequency, Monetary) is an analysis model used in marketing to determine which are the best customers for a business, based on three variables:

  • Purchase recency: days elapsed since the last purchase or order.
  • Purchase Frequency: The number of purchases or orders per time period, on average. For example, number of monthly purchases.
  • Purchase amount: value of the total purchases made by the customer at the time of analysis.

Association Rules and Basket Calculation

Association rules are defined as a technique that allows the discovery of association relationships or correlations between a set of elements collected in a database. They are usually expressed in the form of rules showing attribute value conditions that frequently occur together in a given data set. These association relationships or correlations is what is called a pattern.

Recommendation Systems

Recommender systems,  are algorithms that try to “predict” the following items (products, songs, etc.) that a particular user will want to purchase.

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